Neora EHT

Neora EHT Age-Defying Supplement has been shown to:

* Promote better cognitive function and overall brain health

* Improve memory and recall

* Fortify and strengthen natural brain functions

* Increase focus and mental alertness

* Protect and support neuronal networking

* Enhance the body's natural energy stores.

* Boost the body's immune system

This supplement was developed over twenty years of research by Princeton University professor Dr. Jeffry Stock.
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"I suffered a head injury and concussion in 2008 that left me with impaired memory and bouts of amnesia. Over the years, I've gotten progressively better, but I still didn't feel "normal" until I started taking Nerium's (now Neora's) E.H.T. It was like a light switch had been turned on in my brain. Suddenly, the fog was lifted, my mental clarity and multi-tasking ability returned. My memory has greatly improved and I feel like my old self again!"Nicole J.D.