Crowdpoint Technology

Welcome to my Crowdpoint and Advanced Medicine Blockchain! Crowdpoint Technologies has developed a real-time, smart-contract that will literally drive inflation backwards. How: remove the cost of the middle-man which produces more profit for your business WITH cyber privacy second to none!

What is CrowdPoint? CrowdPoint is a big data A.I.-enabled provider of performance, protection and privacy services. Leveraging the power of the crowd.

Their Mission: To be a trusted agent in an untrusted world. CrowdPoint ecosystem is a new kind of collaborative relationship between a technology company, consumers, and small businesses.

CrowdPoint’s business x.o approach builds a global marketplace powered by gig economy-based service providers (eg. Computer technicians, solar sales, ambassadors, insurance agents, etc) connected through our technology platform.

CrowdPoint solves the global technical skill-shortage problem that is pervasive in the digital world, while building the products and services distribution company of the future be effectively responding to the growing performance , protection and privacy markets.

You personally and your business are unique. You can be equated to a NFT (non-fungable token). You are unique. CrowdPoint is using technology to decentralize your ID so that YOU are the only one who owns your ID. That means your data is not monetized in blockchain like it is on the traditional on-line and app-driven avenues. The traditional avenues use your name for their profit for more money than you’d like to know.