FDA Approved Lasers and Far Infrared Sauna

Scalar Lasers

The ScalarLaser dissolves cellular memory and is cleared over-the-counter for:

  • pain relief
  • inflammation
  • circulation
  • arthritis
  • relaxation of tissues
"The main benefit I receive from using the scalar wave laser is, when performing the full body protocol, it does a great job of quieting my mind and bringing on deep, total sleep which leads to me waking up feeling energized and refreshed."Glenn D.

Revolutionary Laser

Easily unwind pain injuries, stress, and disease with advanced cold laser technology. Never before has a revolutionary laser been designed to dissolve cellular memory and induce Stillpoint Response.

Unique Approach

Our unique approach combines the use of numerous wavelengths, violet lasers, advanced digital processing technology, custom programmability and our patented ScalarWave technology to dissolve cellular memory.

ScalarWave Technology

By digitally inducing subtle scalar waves within the laser light, the ScalarLaser relaxes, unwinds and clears cellular memory. This makes the ScalarLaser a subtle healing instrument appreciated around the planet.

Affordable Over the Counter

The ScalarLaser is the most affordable laser with advanced technological features. It is cleared by FDA, Health Canada, CE and TGA and hand made and fine tuned in the State of Vermont in an approved ISO 1345 medical manufacturing facility.

A Gift from Stillpoint

All of our products induce a subtle unwinding or Stillpoint Response. Stillpoint is the neutral state that dissolves cell memory and induces yogic wellness.


  • Subtle scalarwave technology
  • Proprietary crystalline technology
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Fine-tuning capability
  • For home or office
  • Portable

What is the QiFi

The Quantumfield Inducer, or QiFi, is a revolutionary instrument that induces very subtle scalarwaves to dissolve stress, EMFs, and disharmony from the atmosphere or space of one's home, office, center, practice, or sanctuary.

Neutralizes and Dissolves

The QiFi neutralizes and dissolves disharmonious fields from electricity, WiFi, cell phone towers, smart meters, and stress or emotional pollution. It does this by gently inducing subtle scalarwaves to dissolve challenges and induce stillpoint.

Euphoric Stillpoint Response

Many who have experienced the QiFi share that they notice an immediate and profound sense of euphoria as they dissolve and drop into stillpoint. This stillpoint response induces people, animals, plants, and one's entire space into a very subtle neutral condition.

Subtle Retreat Sanctuary

The QiFi is a yogic instrument designed to induce a retreat-like sanctuary atmosphere wherever it is turned on. It is portable and can be used in different situations. Many use it while travelling in hotels or areas with energetic pollution. It is programmable with six settings to condition any area into stillpoint.

Unique Scalar Technology

This quantumfield energy purification system uses a unique approach to inducing scalar waves that has a subtle stillpoint response. This is done by digitally processing, collapsing, and weaving subtle waves through a proprietary crystalline technology. This process opens up space and induces a very subtle opening into the neutral, subtle stillpoint yogic condition.

Far Infrared Sauna

Naturally detoxify, lose weight, improve circulation and increase your metabolism in 15 minutes!

100% far infrared rays are emitted from this patented ceramic semi-conductor chip sauna unlike most saunas on the market.

Receive the same microcirculation benefits as jogging or Qi gong. Increasing microcirculation will help your cells naturally absorb nutrition and oxygen AND help you eliminate toxins. FIR rays penetrate the skin, safely heats the tissue, opens pores and allows the toxins to exit through the skin via sweat. Dr. Kyuo, Japan has researched and found some of those non-water toxins to be: cholesterol, fat soluable toxins, heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium, ammonia and uric acid.

Additional benefits of FIR sauna are: improved circulation, breaks up clustered blood proteins, reduces lymph nodules, improved wound healing, speeds injury recovery, improves WBC function and increased immune response, decreases muscle and joint pain, decreases muscle spasm, releases N.O. (nitrous oxide), increases N.O. 2 production, decreases edema, promotes the health of the skin's collagen, increases the oxygen supply to the tissues and alkalizes body pH!

German medical researchers concluded that far infrared therapy can significantly lower blood pressure thanks to persistant peripheral vessel dilation. They also noted that blood viscosity was improved. Cardiac ejection resistance decreased along with total peripheral resistance.

The Scientific Basis and Therapeutic Benefits of Far Infrared Ray Therapy by Dr.Kyuo (edited by Justus F. Lehmann, M.D., Williams, and Wilkin), states that Infrared heat therapy does the following: - Affects soft tissue injury - Increases the extensibility of collagen tissue - Assists in resolution of inflammation, edema, and rids the body of metabolic waste - Decreases joint stiffness - Relieves muscle spasms -Increases blood flow and - Leads to pain relief.

For added detox, try Dr. Kelley's mud/clay therapy with sauna treatments or castor oil packs for scar therapy!

Far infrared rays penetrate the human body, increasing vasodilation to trigger the mobilization of chemicals from subcutaneous fat storage directly into the sweat.

Promote cellular renewal, rejuvenate AND burn calories WITHOUT the lactic acid production from exercise. Burn hundreds of calories in just 15 minutes.

Sessions start at $1/minute.

What about EMFs from the Infrared sauna?

If you are concerned about the EMF in the Relax Infrared Sauna, as compared to other Saunas that are "touting" low EMF, here is a quote by Matt Justice who has tested dozens of different saunas, and more or less contradicts their claims, pointing out that because the Relax Sauna has only EMF by the feet.  In the Relax Sauna tent, above the knee, essentially we have pretty much no EMF (because we have no electricity above the ankles.

Matt Justice says, in Dec. 2020, "Bottom line: after testing all of the portable saunas, the Relax is a good option given the EMF is kept at the feet and VOC’s are minimal. Some folks may not agree with that, but all of the other portable saunas have the same hurdles with such a small cabin."

All Saunas have EMF, because they all have Electricity.  Again, as I have indicated, Household appliances can't even hope to cause the damage of Wi-Fi or a cell phone (microwave energy).  This indicates that most of the panic about the EMF in saunas, although it has some validity, is mainly about fear-mongering. If a person is really concerned about EMF, there are Home EMF Specialists that can go into your home, and can supply "EMF protectors" for your home, and for your Relax Sauna that mitigate any concerns of EMF that you may have.

Since the Relax Sauna has 9 times more Far infrared Energy between 4-14 microns than any other portable sauna, and 5 times more than any wooden sauna, you will see why The Relax Sauna has such a great following.  Because it has so much more "Penetrating and Resonating" Far Infrared Energy than any other sauna, we get better results. If you read the first review on the first video, one of the ways we can Demonstrate that the Relax Sauna has so much more far infrared than any other sauna is by observing that it can increase core temperature more than any other sauna. That is the crux of what the purpose of far infrared is all about. Dr. Sherry Rogers talks about the far infrared saunas, as compared to regular "Finnish Saunas, " and calls far infrared saunas the superior saunas, as they generate a frequency of energy (the loving light of the sun - Energy Medicine), that has a definite effect on the water cells and organic cells of the body, that Regular Finnish saunas do not have, as they ONLY heat up the "Room" or enclosed space.

If you want to know about the dangers of EMF, You used to be able to find 1 hour interviews of famous doctors (one who at the time was not promoting the Relax Sauna, but now has about 100 patients using the Relax Sauna, many of them getting great results from Lyme, mold toxicity and much more) talking about the dangers of EMF to the human body, especially when combined with Fluoride in the water, Glyphosates in the Food,   & chemicals and poisons found in chemtrails in the air.  (All 4 elements of life being poisoned - water, earth, air and fire (electrical energy).  These doctors - 3 or 4 of them - never ever talked about the danger of household appliances. They all talked about wi-fi (this was before 5G), and microwave energy. (cell phones are microwave devices). According to Peter Radatti, in the video below, a household electrical device is about 1/100 the danger of a cell phone.  (or WIFI in a building you are in).

Radionics specialist discusses EMF and the Relax Sauna also the durability of the Relax Sauna: