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Neora’s Holistic Anti-Aging Product Line - Smart Skincare - is here

Wake to a younger, healthier-looking reflection with Age IQ® products – the next generation of age-fighting skincare.

Exclusive Ingredients

We use exclusive ingredients with proven antioxidants, peptides, plant extracts and vitamins to craft products that target multiple signs of aging.


SAL-14 is a botanical blend featuring the antioxidants bidens pilosa and mauritia flexuosa fruit oil to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to help the skin appear firmer and more youthful. Bidens pilosa is an herbaceous plant found in South America that has been shown to have effects similar to retinol products, but without irritating the skin.


A proprietary blend that mimics your skin’s natural barrier to form a clear shield that blocks out blue rays and environmental stressors.


Developed by Princeton University Professor Dr. Jeffry Stock, this patented, age-fighting ingredient includes an organic phytol compound that acts as a super antioxidant and skin protectant, mimicking and boosting the skin’s natural age-fighting mechanism.


Found in IllumaBoost® Brightening & Shield, PhytoLumina is a proprietary blend of the plant bioactives alpinia o icinarum root extract, physalis pubescens fruit juice and bidens pilosa, which helps skin look radiant and brighter.


This exclusive ingredient, derived from white lily and Brazilian ginseng, reduce the appearance of puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area.


Developed by Princeton University Professor Dr. Jeffry Stock, this patent-pending ingredient reduces the signs of aging around the eye, keeping skin supple and smooth.


Our proprietary blend developed in Brazil, TC3-Armor includes active natural ingredients like chia seed extract, as well as trehalose, xylitol and glycerin. It works to protect against and remove skin-drying urban stressors accumulated during the day, helping keep your skin in a healthy-looking state. The result is a brighter, more refreshed-looking complexion.

Neora Body Contouring Cream is a skin-tightening cream developed from the patented NAE-8 extract of the Neora oleander plant. It is a powerful antioxidant formula that has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite and dimpling and to help smooth, tighten and firm the appearance of loose skin! Neora Body Contouring Cream also helps restore the appearance of youthful contour, tone and texture.

Third party clinical trials showed the following results:
* 92% of participants reported positive improvements on their thighs after using Neora Body Contouring Cream for 28 days.
* 92% reported an increase in skin hydration.
* 83% reported an improvement in the appearance of skin smoothness and cellulite.

Neora Body Contouring Cream is the only contouring product on the market harnessing the power of the NAE-8 extract, the key ingredient in the renowned NeoraAD skincare line. In addition to the proven results of NAE-8, Neora Body Contouring Cream contains five other key ingredients:
*Peptide matrix
*White willow bark extract
*Green tea leaf extract
*Forskohlii root extract

Other Neora products

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These and other Neora products are available at Dr. Kelley's office. They can also be purchased online through this link.