Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Practitioner

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Dr. Lea Kelley uses electrodermal biofeedback measurements on acupoints, kinesiological testing, assessment of brain proprioceptive patterns and advanced nutrional research.

Peeling the onion:
Finally getting to the “root of the root” cause of each patient’s chief complains. Detecting stress factors such as xenobiotics, xenoestrogens, mycotoxins, radiolytic chemicals, allergens, deficiency states, infections, inflammations, heavy-metal toxins and more. All this in addition to making clinically-effective nutritional corrections.

Interference Fields (IFs)
Testing and eliminating hidden “interference fields” such as pathological reflexes from scar or trauma sites. These sites have a global disruptive influence on/in the body that can be eliminated with the use of specialized clay/mud or castor oil packs. IFs can abnormally depolarize the body’s bioenergetic meridian network. Treating these IFs helps restore quantum coherence to the body’s biofield to create a lasting effect.

Emotional Repolarizing Technique
Identify and repolarize negative thought patterns and emotional trauma that may be impeding each patient’s progress.

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Stress
Examples include A/C current, cell phone use, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, computers, and more. EMF pollution may be more destructive then even chemical pollution of our air, water, and food. The human body is controlled by a sophisticated plasma energy field which is extremely sensitive to dysregulation by EMF exposure. This exposure may keep each patient from obtaining effective resolution. Dr. Kelley provides effective remediation tools to help each patient eliminate EMF stressors. We also have an EMF Neutralizer available. Click Here to see these products.

Vastu is an ancient science with the precision technology of quantum-state building energetics for any home or office space that is badly depolarized. Dr. Kelley can help improve the energetics of these spaces for a key underlying foundation, for the creation of continued prosperity, success and premier health.

Dr. Lea Kelley, as the QRA practitioner, becomes the premier doorway of access for these integrated wellness modalities for every patient in a new paradigm shift toward “limitless” health for everyone.

Only Quantum-State nutrients free of toxic tagalongs (such as excipients) from conception through consumption, can achieve the Quantum Nutrient Effect

Cell Resonant Supplements

Modular cell resonant supplements can safely be used together without fear of overdosing one nutrient or interference of one nutrient with another so common when isolated minerals and vitamins are used.

Extraordinary Clinical Results

QNE complexes offer unmatched speed of recovery, degree of improvement and permanency of recovery simply not seen when we used isolated nutrients. Withdrawal of isolated nutrients often triggered relapse versus almost no regression using truly synergistic QNE phytonutrient complexes.

In 1994, PRL began to shift its entire product line to QNE (Quantum Nutrient Effect) products. Each QNE complex was formulated so it could used with every other QNE product, safely and effectively, as well as offer the unique property that one product will not interfere with the other, even in long term use, with no concern of overdose.